Our dealership team on Route 112 in Medford NY understands that the financing process can keep many drivers from upgrading to a quality pre-owned vehicle; that is why our 112 Certified finance team is here to make the loan process simpler and hassle-free – even for car shoppers with low credit scores!

As a dedicated used car dealership, we work with many local drivers who are seeking a dependable used vehicle but need some assistance when it comes to securing financing. From our competitive vehicle trade-in offers to our sub-prime auto loans, there are many ways that our dealership can make your dream of a car upgrade possible!

Did you know that our used car financing staff has helped Long Island motorists with the following setbacks obtain bad credit car loans?

You can qualify for auto loan on a used vehicle if you have experienced any of the following

  • Bankrupcty filings
  • Tax ID
  • Divorce proceedings
  • Recent repossession
  • Multiple repossessions
  • Foreclosure
  • History of missed payments

That's right, even if you've faced recent financial hardships, we may be able to tailor one of our alternative financing packages to suit your situation here in Medford Long Island!

Dependable transport around Long Island and beyond is imperative for local drivers, so don't think twice about discovering your options for used car financing at 112 Certified. Through our sub-prime auto loans, Long Island, NY motorists can also enjoy a way to repair or improve their credit ratings gradually!

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